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The missing link in West Sussex broadband access

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Delegates to last year’s meeting to discuss the provision of next generation broadband in West Sussex are likely to have left the meeting with the belief that towns served by three of the four BT exchanges in the UK that have not been upgraded to broadband-capable could not in fact receive broadband.

This was and is not the case, as Kijoma’s Bill Lewis tried to make plain at the meeting. Kijoma’s coverage could and did and does cover them, according the green-shaded bits of the map here that Lewis has just sent me.

West Sussex County Council's broadband coverage map overlaid with Kijoma's green-shaded coverage (subject to site survey in case of trees etc that might block a signal)

For some reason, the official map prepared by West Sussex County Council does not reflect Kijoma’s coverage, although it is possible to discover Kijoma on the SamKnows site, as I did earlier with respect to West Chiltington.

Not including Kijoma’s coverage may lead one to conclude that there is no broadband available to residents in those towns. But Lewis argues, strongly, this is not the case.

So why does WSCC, and how many other county councils, not include existing wireless broadband coverage, when the official line is that wireless is one of the technologies that will have to be used to deliver broadband for all?


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2012/01/22 at 19:10