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Superfast broadband? Don’t make me laugh

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Written by Br0kenTeleph0n3

2014/07/13 at 18:26

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  1. It is a superfarce.


    2014/07/13 at 18:38

    • Where have I heard that before? 😉


      2014/07/13 at 19:11

      • What ISP are you with? The world cup won’t make any difference, apart from VM all the ISPs are <10% utilised on upstream end-to-end.

        Dropbox is renowned for pretty dreadful performance. I have gigabit internet through hyperoptic but I struggle to upload to them more than 100mbit/sec.

        Martin Alderson

        2014/07/13 at 20:51

      • Sky/BT. Lucky you to be with Hyperoptic. Dropbox? Well, it works reliably if slowly, unlike my Google Drive a/c.


        2014/07/13 at 21:07

  2. Why is it so slow? Even ADSL2+ at 1mbit/sec up would take an hour…

    Martin Alderson

    2014/07/13 at 19:38

    • 2 hours, even.

      Martin Alderson

      2014/07/13 at 19:39

      • It turns out it took only seven hours. As to why – who knows? It’s Sunday. The World Cup is on. It rained this morning. The end to end supply chain is neither transparent nor explicit, which is one of the beauties of the internet, but awfully frustrating at times. I’d start with my ISP’s traffic management policy.


        2014/07/13 at 20:31

  3. Who knows … and more importantly, the helpdesk of the ISP won’t be able to identify the problem unless they have “special access” to the Openreach diagnostics. It’s a two-tier service, with all the eggs in the Openreach basket. Your ISP, if it isn’t BT Retail, is at the mercy of the kit that Openreach provide, and their SLA. Your ISP cannot improve on that. It is not a transparent system. Anyone who says it is … evidence please?

    BT Retail are subject to the same service – they say. Cough. I’d be less bitter if the service was better.

    • BT Wholesale, not Openreach.

      As an ISP, unless you have presence at the per-exchange level (Openreach LLU and GEA products) then you’ll be buying the Wholesale Broadband Connect or Wholesale Broadband Managed Connect services from BTW.

      Even the biggest ISPs (Sky and Talk Talk) are only in half the exchanges in the country so even they use BT Wholesale to fill in coverage in the other half using the WBC product.

      But what you said is right, there is no visibility of the performance inside BT’s network, even to their customer (the ISP).

      Robert Robinson

      2014/07/13 at 23:34

  4. Not, of course, helped by incompetent news items from the BBC this am, talking about the dire state of some business broadband. BBC man, talking of the HMG ‘plan’, says “95% of the country are to get at least 2mb” (yes, it should be true, but…) and some twit from ‘Ovum’ tells all the folk that we are now rolling out fibre broadband across the country which REPLACES copper broadband. Where do they get these buffoons from? Little wonder HMG is ‘getting away with it’, is it?

    mike phillips

    2014/07/14 at 08:13

    • Well, the BBC has a vested interest in delivering TV rather than encouraging competition to its increasingly deja vu product, so I wouldn’t expect it to rock the boat, especially about the asymmetry in the broadband network and hence its unfitness for business use. Martin Geddes makes the issues plain here from 24.40 onwards:


      2014/07/14 at 09:24

      • Quite re-assuring to hear Chris say the ‘Skye’ tech reporter did not understand ‘symmetrical broadband’…………

        mike phillips

        2014/07/14 at 12:03

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