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Irish still internet-shy, depite millions spent on broadband

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ONS internet users 1Q14Despite a £56m investment and its status as the test bed for BT’s next generation broadband roll-out, Northern Ireland  remains the laggard in terms of internet use, the Office of National Statistics reports.

This represents no change in 18 months from Ofcom’s findings then.

The ONS says London had the highest proportion of internet users, with 90% of adults reporting that they had used the internet. In contrast only 79% of adults in Northern Ireland reported that they had ever used the internet. Dumfries and Galloway contains the highest proportion of people (29%) who have never gone online.

More than 659,000 people went online for the first time in the past year, more than a quarter of a million in 1Q14. Some 99% of people with a weekly income above £500 are regular users.

There are a host of other figures and graphs in the ONS’s excellent report on internet use for 1Q14.Peruse them at your leisure.

In a welcome move, it has also made an animated map that shows how internet usage has spread since 2011.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t say what upload and download speeds they receive. Nor does it say whether users’s primary access is via fixed line or mobile. Hopefully these little omissions will be corrected in future reports.


Written by Br0kenTeleph0n3

2014/05/14 at 21:13

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  1. If it’s the same as they are doing in England then there won’t be a big uptake, as they are only doing FTTC which only benefits those who already have a fairly good connection. It won’t help all those on long lines who are desperate to get online but can’t. It also won’t help the digitally reluctant in those areas because its simply easier to remain analogue than try to do stuff on less than a meg. The only think that will make a difference is full fat fibre to the long lines and work inwards replacing obsolete copper when you can.


    2014/05/14 at 21:19

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