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VOA seeks info to tax wireless access points

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The Valuation Office Agency, which is responsible for valuing non-domestic property for business rates purposes, has written to network operators asking for details about their “occupation” of wireless broadband and fibre networks.

Operators already pay business rates taxes on sites and masts used for mobile networks and microwave backhaul ; this is a long-expected attempt to subject fixed wireless broadband networks’ passive components  to business rates taxes. Previous attempts have foundered because of a dearth of information available to the VOA.

The covering letter and forms are available Letter Area list Form Page 1 Form Page 2 Form Page 3 Form Page 4.


Written by Br0kenTeleph0n3

2013/10/17 at 11:10

10 Responses

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  1. It is quite astonishing that the country pays people to make broadband more costly instead of encouraging the likes of to provide adequate fibre to every house.

    Merrow Drover

    2013/10/17 at 11:15

  2. It beggars believe that the Government could really think that putting more obstacles in the way of an already crippled rural broadband roll-out is a good idea.

    Graham Shelton

    2013/10/17 at 11:33

    • Couldn’t agree more. Business rates are a disincentive to invest that does not exist in Europe or any other country anxious to create jobs. Judge them not by what they say but by what they do.


      2013/10/17 at 11:53

      • And business rates are part of the reason our high streets are emptying of real shops to be replaced with charity, coffee and money lending shops.

        This actually looks like a specific request to B4RN for details of their network. Have other networks had an a similar letter?


        2013/10/17 at 12:45

      • It looks like only those that VOA knows about, which is why I offered to host the forms, JIC anyone else feels the need to contribute.


        2013/10/17 at 13:04

    • Agree Graham, and they only seem to put obstacles in the way of innovative solutions, and nothing gets in the way of the monopoly patching up their obsolete copper does it?

      Chris Conder

      2013/10/17 at 16:43

  3. Stevie Wonder summarises it best in “Heaven help us all.”

    John Nolan

    2013/10/17 at 11:49

  4. It will be interesting to find out if BT have had such a letter for their openzone and btfon wireless network?

    Chris Conder

    2013/10/18 at 06:41

    • I doubt it. BT is valued on its receipts and expenditures, not the rental income it gets from its assets.


      2013/10/18 at 07:44

  5. […] pay 20 times more to operate fibre networks. It could also kill efforts by civil servants to tax Wi-Fi hot-spots, which areincreasingly important to backhaul data on mobile broadband […]

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