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Get your urban SFBB vouchers applications here

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SMEs keen to take advantage of up to £3,000 of the taxpayers’ largesse have until 2pm on Thursday to register to receive a superconnected city voucher that they can spend with an approved supplier to get connected at >30Mbps.

Letters inviting applications for vouchers and for suppliers went out on Tuesday. The government hopes to decide over the weekend and to have shovels hitting the ground on Monday 5 August.

The initial phase covers only Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Manchester/Salford, and runs from August to September. The literature says there is no bias for or against fixed or wireless solutions, merely that there should be a step-change in the speeds.

There are more details in the voucher application letter and in the supplier registration letter.

Good luck.


Written by Br0kenTeleph0n3

2013/07/30 at 21:58

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  1. To clarify: these documents concern suppliers who want to register as being eligible to supply SFBB services to those with vouchers. Those wanting to apply for the vouchers have to go to the relevant city authority. The City of Edinburgh is certainly not ready to take applications yet – its website asks enquirers to register to receive further information.

    In any case the whole Connecting Cities program is an over-optimistic muddle. Perhaps funding the excess construction charge to provide leased lines to a few thousand SME’s has some minor benefits. Even so, the real opportunity to transform the network infrastructure in cities was lost when DCMS gave way in the face of the challenge from BT and Virgin Media in Birmingham. In almost any other developed country, that concession would have been linked to a legal obligation to provide universal access to, say, a 100 Mbps service at a regulated maximum price within 12 months. Unfortunately, DCMS has neither the competence nor the will to identify and pursue a clear long term strategy of that kind.


    2013/07/31 at 08:05

  2. […] | More var addthis_config = { data_track_clickback: true } Thank you to Ian Grant for blogging on the Small Firms Broadband Voucher scheme. It is a very clever concept and it is also very sensible to, for once, do a small scale pilot […]

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