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MPs to quiz Vaizey, BDUK on Final 10% broadband solution

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Communications minister Ed Vaizey: looking for a 10% solution

If readers have some spare time on Wednesday afternoon, they might find something of interest listening to MPs on the agriculture select committee quiz witnesses on the government’s plans to extend next generation broadband to the Final Third.

In fact, parliament has it wrong; the blurb advertising the hearing suggests it is about rolling out broadband to 90% of the country. Since this is presumably about Defra’s £20m contribution to remote rural broadband , which is ring-fenced from BDUK’s £530m (or £1.5bn – you pick a number…), here’s hoping it’s about the final 10%, and that MPs are more clued up than the blurb writer.

BT is not being called to explain its plan for the final 10%. That is a pity, as it is the incumbent supplier. MPs could ask it to say, once and for all, where it intends to run fibre to the cabinet in the next three years. That would give would-be community network operator some protection against BT undermining their enrollment programmes with promises to build networks in competition, and then delaying build-out  and/or providing inadequate facilities (see Ewhurst).

The select committee meets on Wednesday 28  November at 3.00pm in Committee Room 16.
The first bit is likely to be about more general topics, with rural broadband featuring from 3:50pm with Nynet CEO John Moore, and Malcolm Corbett, chief executive, Independent Networks cooperative Association (INCA) facing MPs.

They will be followed at around 4:30pm by communications minister Ed Vaizey and BDUK CEO Rob Sullivan.


Written by Br0kenTeleph0n3

2012/11/26 at 21:38

14 Responses

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  1. Is there a livestream anywhere?


    2012/11/26 at 21:51

  2. re Ewhurst link to atricle. I though cabinets have 128 connections and BT put in more when they are full.


    2012/11/26 at 21:54

    • Certainly in areas where there has been high local take-up extra cabs have been added

      Andrew Ferguson

      2012/11/26 at 22:14

  3. Don’t councils have details of BT rollout to 2015 from commercial operators? This should include VM, Geo etc.?


    2012/11/27 at 16:15

  4. tried since 3pm to load the livestream. Even reinstalled silverlight and restarted browser and tried other browsers. If anyone finds an archive that works please could they post a link here. Thank You.


    2012/11/27 at 16:34

    • It’s on tomorrow!


      2012/11/27 at 16:40

      • doh. I thought it was wednesday today. eejit. got a nice reply back from the webmaster though! very prompt attention, am impressed. They must not have checked what day it was either, I gave them the link from above…

        “I have checked the link and the page states in the player window

        “This meeting has not yet started.

        A media player will appear on this page shortly before the meeting begins”.

        We assume that this means that they are meeting beforehand in private and this has overrun,”


        Webmaster | Parliament Website ||


        2012/11/27 at 16:57

      • Chris – Can you please unblock me on twitter!


        2012/11/28 at 17:49

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