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The real price of Infinity

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Thanks to a reader for sending us this exchange.

We are now routing you to one of our chat team…
You are now connected with Kerry
BT: Welcome to BT, the most complete broadband provider. My name is Kerry.
BT: How may I assist you with your order today?
BT: We have not heard from you. Do you wish to continue the chat?
Reader: On the Website BT has placed an advertisement that says “Up to 40mb Superfast Broadband! Packages start from only £7.50/m.” Looking at your BT Infinity Website I don’t see a package cheaper than £18/month for BT Infinity
BT: Thank you.
BT: I’ll be happy to assist you with that
BT: Can I please have your Telephone Number, Postal Code and House Number / Name to check availability?
Reader: I already know I cant get Infinity on my phone – I’m not asking for it I want to know how you can make that claim of £7.50/m for BT Infinity
BT: That offer has ended however I can offer you one that starts at £9
BT: The cost is £9 for the first 3 months and then £18 a month on an 18 month contract plus line rental of £14.60 a month.*
Reader: So how can you make this advertisement that states £7.50?
BT: That offer has now eneded
Reader: thankyou
BT: You’re welcome.
BT: Would you like the link to the order form?
BT: Click here to order Broadband & Calls with Infinity.
BT: Please keep the chat window open while you are ordering, I’ll be happy to assist if you have any questions or problems.
*So the real price of BT’s Infinity is £32.60/month

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2012/01/21 at 15:15

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  1. LMFAO. This is a typical example of the hype that ASA and ofcom should DO something ABOUT.

    the reivers

    2012/01/21 at 15:44

  2. BT website has:

    £18 (/mth)
    £7.50/mth for 3 monthsº
    + Line rental from £10
    +£25 Activation charge


    2012/01/21 at 21:00

  3. Cheapest I could find is the £9 for first 3 months deal (not including phone line rental or activation). I think there may have been a £7.50 promotion during mid-December 2011 but that very recently ended. You don’t state where you saw the promotion?

    Most ISPs do short-term special offers just like any business and if you saw that in print rather than online then it’s up to you to check on their website to see if it’s still present before ordering. At some point ‘printed’ adverts will go out of date and that’s true of all things.

    • True Mike – but I think most print offers have a “use by” date, which says when the promotion ends. Thanks to internet caching, out of date stuff can keep coming up in searches.

      Ian Grant

      2012/01/24 at 07:18

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