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Chat-up lines in Whitehall

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Professional nosy parkers like Br0kenTeleph0ne and GCHQ are always keen to know who’s talking to whom, when and about what. So it was with interest that we learn that in June culture minister Jeremy Hunt had a meeting with “Hua Wei” to discuss “telecomms issues”.

This revelation is part of the government’s transparency agenda, so that we can all, if we can be bothered, find out who’s been polishing the chairs in Whitehall and Westminster.

Equally interesting was communications minister Ed Vaizey’s visitor list. How one would have liked to be a fly on the wall in one or two of the meetings. His guests between April and June were

Authority for Television On-Demand

To discuss the smaller operators

Taylor Herring

To discuss the internet

Save Kids TV

Follow up meeting


To discuss the Digital Economy Act

Cisco. TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Fujitsu

To discuss Intellect/Cisco Broadband

Broadband Stakeholders Group

To discuss open internet issues


To discuss emergency calls


To discuss emergency calls

Torres Strait Delegation

To discuss the repatriation of human remains

Classic FM

To discuss the Music Review

Cable and Wireless

Catch up meeting

Ironbridge Gorge Museum

To discuss Renaissance Core Museum proposal

Ikon Gallery

To discuss possible new gallery in Birmingham

Literary Heritage Group

To discuss Literary Archives and Philanthropy


To discuss issues around industry

Boster Group

Introductory meeting

My Cake

To discuss the creative and cultural sectors


To discuss the new Mulberry factory

UK Music

To discuss funding and Enterprise Finance Guarantee


To discuss arts organisation

Three and Hutchison Whampoa Ltd

To discuss Ofcom spectrum proposals

BT, TalkTalk and Universal

General discussion

Film Matters

Introductory meeting

Warner Music

Introductory meeting

Faber & Faber

To discuss businesses and activities

Touring Partnership Theatres

To discuss Regional Theatre


Update meeting

Everything Everywhere

Catch up on Ofcom proposed spectrum auction rules


Introductory meeting


Introductory meeting

JF Kennedy Performing Arts Washington

Introductory meeting

Finch and Partners

General discussion

Film matters

Introductory meeting

Warner Music

Catch up meeting

Faber and Faber

To discuss brand related business and activities

Touring Partnership Theatres

To discuss Spending Review

Power to the Pixel

Introductory meeting

Turner contemporary

Introductory meeting


Introductory meeting

Prudential Security

Introductory meeting


Introductory meeting


Introductory meeting


Introductory meeting


Introductory meeting


General discussion


Introductory meeting

Imagination Technologies Ltd

Introductory meeting

Reach Global

Introductory meeting


Written by Br0kenTeleph0n3

2011/12/17 at 21:43

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  1. Very interesting.
    The one with the telcos about ’emergency calls’ interests me. I wonder if ofcom will make them put batteries on fibre connections so that the people on them don’t have to pay rental for an old fashioned landline as well. That’s what B4RN is doing, so emergency calls can still be made even if there’s a power cut.


    2011/12/18 at 05:59

  2. Chris – batteries have been planned by BT for a long time. Part of the VULA proposals.

    How are B4RN notifying emergency authorities of the callers location with VOIP calls? Which is what this meeting was probably about.


    2011/12/18 at 16:14

  3. It just shows what kind of Government puts a High Tech subject like Super Fast Broadband ( and the future destiny of all its economy) under the Department of Culture………..err Minister you are seeing Fujitsu about Fibre optics today? Oh yes we do want a good display! I just love how those fibres sparkle at the end!

    Mel Bryan

    2011/12/28 at 16:28

  4. Mel – How many Engineers are there in the Cabinet? <1?


    2011/12/28 at 20:38

  5. Chris – any news on location details on B4RN VOIP? It’s another cost in running a telco.


    2011/12/28 at 21:31

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