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Osborne pushes £100m into urban broadband, as predicted

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The government today confirmed a Br0kenTeleph0n3  report in July that BDUK planned to support the roll-out of high speed broadband networks in cities.

Chancellor George Osborne said Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff and London will be the first to receive a cut of the £100m the government has set aside for urban networks running at 80-100Mbps. Cities and towns across the country will compete for up to six more pay-outs.

Ofcom also announced a consultation on allowing new telegraph poles to carry high speed broadband. The closing date is 21 February 2012.

DCMS published advice to local authorities and communications services providers about microtrenching to carry ducting for high speed broadband.

The moves are part of the government’s national infrastructure development plan to kick start the economy and prevent it from slipping into recession. Again.


Written by Br0kenTeleph0n3

2011/11/30 at 00:09

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  1. Not a lot of money though, is it ? Less than a fiver per household or 1/10th of the money available to BDUK per final third property.


    2011/11/30 at 08:24

    • I think this is where the £100m that wasn’t allocated earlier has gone. Question is why urban? BDUK money was specifically for Final Third, and the ‘burbs ain’t it, even though they might not have good broadband.

      Ian Grant

      2011/11/30 at 12:55

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