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Fibre to the business? Bring it on!

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Orange in France said today it planned to extend the reach of its 10Gbps FTTO (Fibre to the Office) network to more than 70% of French businesses with at least 20 staff.

Source: ONS - Most UK businesses employ less than four people

Already a standard product in 3,500 communes, “Fiber for Business” will be available in 4,000 communes by the end of the year, Orange said. Connecting businesses to a fiber network gave them easier access to Orange’s “entire range” of network-based services, namely Business Ethernet, Business VPN and Business Internet.

Impressive, non?

Up to a point. There is a joke that suggests that French businesses are so dependent on the state that the language has no word for entrepreneur, which means there should be fewer small companies. Ignoring such cultural cliches, it seem reasonable to think that French companies largely mirror British ones, at least in the number of staff they employ.

If that is the case, then Orange’s fibre will be available to a less than massive 8.9% of all companies. Not quite the same impact as that headline-grabbing 70%, is it?


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2011/09/20 at 14:50

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