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BDUK offers £50k/y to watch broadband spend, and £16.5m internal budget

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It’s nice work if you can get it. BDUK, the government agency charged with delivering the best national broadband network in Europe by 2015, is looking for a Mr (or Mrs) Moneybags.

The person, who will be paid between £45,380 and £54,595, will manage BDUK’s £530m budget to help local authorities and enterprise partnerships roll out high speed broadband in those parts of their counties, towns, villages and parishes that other networks won’t reach.

They will also manage the £16.5m, five year budget for BDUK’s staff of 25 to 30 civil servants, consultants and advisers, the job ad says.

Assuming BDUK maxes the headcount, that averages £110,000 per year each. Presumably the difference between salary paid and budgeted reflects a nice office, desk and chair for our keeper of the BDUK purse-strings.

The way chancellor George Osborne and culture secretary Jeremy Hunt have been throwing money at Wales and some of the counties, around £110m by now, and with the procurement framework pretty much in place, it seems that the heavy lifting is largely done.

But someone still has to keep an eye on the recipients of the taxpayers’ largesse. “BDUK will need to ensure that the money is granted on a sound basis, and that spend is properly managed and reported back by LAs,” it says.

Anyone fancy the job, get a wriggle on. Applications close at 5pm on 28 July.

And if you want to know more, Andrew Field is your man, tel 020 7215 0152 or






Written by Br0kenTeleph0n3

2011/07/15 at 15:43

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  1. jobs for the boys. say no more. should be fairly easy to manage for anyone with vital vision.


    2011/07/15 at 15:48

  2. Chief Executive of BDUK – Robert Sullivan

    Robert has been a Senior Civil Servant for over 10 years. He was previously Director of the Office for Life Sciences in BIS. Before this he was Director Manufacturing, with national policy responsibility for the Manufacturing Advisory Service. As Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department for Transport he provided policy advice on road and rail infrastructure projects – including road pricing and crossrail. At QinetiQ Plc he led the EU contract research programme across civil aerospace, energy, and communications technology. At the MOD he was responsible for investment appraisal of the fixed wing and C4ISTAR equipment programmes.


    2012/04/04 at 22:55

    • Ah yes – QinetiQ plc, one of the greatest transfers of taxpayers’ assets into the pockets of the few in British history. I guess Robert wasn’t one of the few who knew what they were doing there.

      Ian Grant

      2012/04/04 at 23:44

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