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Wales gets £57m for broadband roll-out

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Wales is to receive £57m to roll out high speed broadband access, and if the Welsh Assembly government provides matching funding, up to 90% of households could receive at least 2Mbps and up to 24Mbps, the culture secretary Jeremy Hunt said on Tuesday.

The news comes less than a week after a report on the status of broadband in Wales found that 40% of residents could not get more than 2Mbps, and one-third of farmers could not get any broadband at all.

The money will come from Broadband Delivery UK’s £530m fund, which has already seen it allocate £90m to seven pilot projects in rural areas, as well as £10m for Wales announced in May by chancellor George Osborne.

A statement from Hunt’s department suggested the money will be spent on rural broadband. It said, “The private sector on its own will take superfast broadband to around two-thirds of UK households and businesses. Public money is being used to help take broadband to the remaining one third by making it viable for business to invest.”


Written by Br0kenTeleph0n3

2011/07/13 at 08:17

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