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Where will the €200bn for the Digital Agenda come from?

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Europe’s Digital Agenda could cost €200bn to complete by 2020. The member states don’t have it, and if the sovereign debt of Southern Europe gets worse, they may never have it. Indeed, the continent could easily experience a digital divide between the rich north and the poor south that could  last generations.

In three exclusive video interviews from the  Every European Digital conference in Brussels. I explore the options with experts.

Satellite-based broadband is now comparable to and price-comeptitive with terrestrial broadband networks and so should be part of governments’ plans to provide citizens with access to high speed broadband, argues Aarti Holla, secretary general of the European Satellite Operators Association.

The European Investment Bank can at present provide only about 10% of the money needed to pay for the Digital Agenda, so what can governments do to entice the private sector to invest in broadband infrastructure? Harald Gruber, who evaluates broadband project proposals for the EIB, looks for ways to bridge the funding gap.

Bridget Cosgrave, the director general of DigitalEurope, which represents European ICT equipment makers, welcomes the Digital Agenda targets, but wants governments to start implementing projects that will consume the money allocated to the Digital Agenda targets.


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  1. Its really easy.
    All you have to do as a government is get fibre pipes out to the rural people. They will build networks if the VOA tax is dropped for a few years.
    Those networks will be far superior to the phone networks and be cheap to run and maintain.
    Market forces will upgrade the towns and cities before the rural networks can scoop up the customers.
    win win.


    2011/06/06 at 07:09

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