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Runners announced for £120m Cumbria broadband & IT race

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BT Global Services, Fujitsu and Commendium are all shortlisted for two long term contracts worth £120m to provide Cumbria with a county-wide broadband network as well as in-house networking and IT services.

Companies shortlisted for Lot 1, to provide ICT services to the council, including supply and maintenance of computers, phones and security, were BT Global Services,
Commendium, Computercentre, Fujitsu and Tata Consultancy Services.

Those shortlisted for Lot 2, to improve public sector networks and to implement Accessible Cumbria, a high speed county-wide broadband network, were BT Global Services,
Cable & Wireless,
 CSC, and

The county council said in a statement 124 suppliers had registered an interest and 23 had bid. The council will now negotiate the next step, deadlined the end of July, with final bids expected by the end of September. The council expects to decide in December 2011. The start date will be 1 April 2012.

Written by Br0kenTeleph0n3

2011/06/03 at 16:41

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  1. that is worth a read. Shows how BT got into the councils? They removed it from their site but once something is in the ether it can always be traced. That is why these blogs are so important for our history, they document the end of our dream to become a world leader in the digital economy.
    Now Cumbria goes the way of Lancashire, Cornwall and Ireland.
    You would have thought Cumbria council would have grasped the Big Society Beta in their area and done something great. Instead they have fallen for the hype, and will replicate the total farce that was project access.
    Vital vision my arse. Its the old boy’s network. The sooner we JFDI and build our own the better, and leave the old boys on their copper.


    2011/06/03 at 16:47

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