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Ofcom sets out new powers to fine, force market changes

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Communications providers (CPs) could face fines up to £2m for breaching new information gathering powers that Ofcom will gain when the European Electronic Communitions Framework is transposed into British law on 25 May.

The communications regulator has set out wide-ranging changes intended to transform the UK communications market. These include:

  • Ofcom to have power to force CPs to share network infrastructure at set prices
  • Ofcom to set standards for quality of service (QoS) for broadband, transparency on network traffic management practices and access discrimination to boost net neutrality
  • CPs to report network outages to Ofcom
  • Increased powers to fine CPs for breaches of regulatory obligations
  • Ofcom to gather information related to “evaluating future network or service developments that could have an impact on wholesale services made available to competitors”.
  • Ofcom to allow spectrum leasing and gather transmitter location information to ensure efficient use of spectrum.

Ofcom said it was working to have discussion papers on these and other issues before the 25 May deadline.


Written by Br0kenTeleph0n3

2011/05/16 at 09:53

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