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ACS:Law gets off with £1000 fine, not £200,000

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The Information Commissioner’s Office has fined Andrew Crossley, the solicitor who sent thousands of dunning letters to alleged online pirates, £1,000 instead of £200,000 for lax IT security after his website was hacked and personal details of more than 6,000 people were posted on the internet.

Crossley was saved from the heavier fine because he had shut down ACS Law, the law firm he ran as a sole trader, and appeared to have no other income. Some of those who received the letters paid Crossley up to £500.

Information Commissioner Christopher Graham said, “Were it not for the fact that ACS Law has ceased trading so that Mr Crossley now has limited means, a monetary penalty of £200,000 would have been imposed, given the severity of the breach.”

The consumer organisation Which? earlier severely criticised Crossley’s business methods, and he faces a legal disciplinary hearing.


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2011/05/11 at 01:15

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  1. ‘appeared to have no other income’. Any assets like savings?


    2011/05/15 at 16:34

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